Dr. Jill Jennings

Board Member - President

Dr. Jennings is the founder of Crossroads Health & Wellness. She has had the privilege of working in healthcare for over 20 years both in the allopathic hospital setting and now in the naturopathic setting. She has also personally experienced what is means to suffer from a long term chronic illness and what it takes to walk a journey to healing.


Kevin Jennings

Board Member - Vice President

Kevin is a retired firefighter/paramedic with 28 years of medical experience. He had a front row seat in witnessing the healing powers of naturopathic medicine through Dr. Jennings journey. He now shares in the passion of educating others about the healing powers of nature.


Teri Case

Board Member

Teri is a business owner and has experience with running a small nonprofit of her own. She has a heart for our mission and sharing the love of Jesus through caring for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those we serve.


Deborah Tims

Board Member

Deborah has worked in the non-profit industry for 23 years. Her primary role is in Development and Community Outreach. She is the owner of Intentional Commerce, a marketing company that serves Chamber of Commerce agencies. She has 3 grown children and is active with several other local charities in her spare time.