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In 2013 I was sent to a neurologist and believed to have CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth disease), a rare form of muscular dystrophy that affects the nerves primarily in the lower extremities. It causes foot deformities, abnormal gait and muscle neuropathy. In 2014 I was also diagnosed with HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia), another rare form of muscular dystrophy associated with tightening of the large muscles causing pain and eventually paralysis possibly. This was the second worst day of my life. My last day as a firefighter was January 2014.

The years went by and the pain grew. I was in leg braces at times and the pain was almost unbearable. I was placed on medications and told I may make it to a wheelchair soon.

I was contacted out of the blue by Dr. Jennings, a former coworker’s wife and natural doctor. She stated that her husband had been watching my decline on Facebook and wanted her to help me. This was in November 2018. Dr. Jennings came over to my house for a consult. She started talking about diet and I was thinking she was a bit crazy. I felt that we had eaten pretty well and stayed away from junk food. I told her my diagnosis was extremely rare. She was ready for the challenge.

I slowly started learning more and more about what to eat and what not to eat from Dr. Jennings in the following months to come. What I liked about her was she didn’t just say “eat this and not that”, but rather taught me why and the science behind the food. The clean eating was the easiest diet I have ever done. It was the same foods I was eating only in a better form and not processed.

I started fully on the clean eating January 1, 2019. I was 245lbs and my pain was at a 10 most days. Within a week and a half my pain was down to a 3 and I lost 10lbs. Dr. Jill was in contact with me several times during the week monitoring my progress. Within 2 weeks my pain leveled at a 3. Dr. Jill contacted me and asked how the diet was going and how could I improve. I told her it was great and I would like to see my pain go lower. So then she asked me how many fruits and veggies was I eating? I told her not as many as I should. She then asked me if I would like to start a whole foods supplement to see what it would do for me and my pain. I was skeptical but figured it was worth a try. Within a week and a half of clean eating and the whole food supplements, my pain was gone. I felt normal again for the first time in four years! I started walking and now am up to 7 miles on average a day. I have lost 52 pounds. I had my primary doctor conduct a blood test in February. For the first time in five years my bad cholesterol had dropped, my good went up and my triglycerides went down 72 points in one month. I went back to see my specialist at the clinic at the University of Iowa in June 2019. The nurses were blown away with my progress in the neurologist does not know what to think. I keep getting better every day thanks to God, Dr. Jill Jennings, clean eating and whole food supplements.

If you think you have it bad, someone always has it worse! Always look up, as He is always looking down! Positive and vertical!


Brian Goodman

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I came to Crossroads Health & Wellness through the recommendation of a friend of mine and it is the best thing I could have done.

A little backstory for you: I was going through the final stages waiting for a trial to happen to be able to have my day in court against the person that committed great acts of physical torture and mental cruelty against me. All that while also raising an almost teenage daughter and working full-time. A great deal was on my plate.

I knew I needed something different. I knew something wasn't right, but didn't want prescriptions to be given to me as though they were handing out candy. I'm very athletic, but I have never been a health nut or even really paid a great deal of attention to what I was eating. I didn’t eat Ho Ho’s all the time, but I wasn't really looking at labels and thinking about what are in those foods that I'm putting into my body. I am now a 50-year-old woman, going through menopause and recently quit smoking. How's that for a combination of things?

Dr. Jennings is amazing! I am blessed to have been sent to her. She delves into find out who you are. It isn't 10 minutes, here's the prescription, call me if you need something type of appointment. SHE CARES! Plain and simple. You work together as a team to find out what will work for you. You work with the food that will best assist you and she teaches you so you know how to let proper nutrients and foods help heal you. That doesn't mean just physically, that is mentally too.

God blessed me by bringing Crossroads and Dr. Jennings in my life. I have not only found someone that has enlightened me to new avenues of being able to heal naturally, but I have found a friend and mentor. A sister in God that wants to help, heal and teach. Someone I want to emulate.

If you want to really do something for you, go to Crossroads Health & Wellness. Let Dr. Jennings bring God and her gift to help you. You will feel better just knowing she is in your corner!


I am so thankful and blessed to have the guidance and care from Dr. Jennings! My son has been in complete remission with Ulcerative Colitis for over 5 months, which is life changing.

Michael’s story started last June during baseball season when he started complaining of diarrhea but no other symptoms; Thought it was just a passing virus and changed his diet to the BRAT diet. Unfortunately, his episodes of diarrhea in the past have always spontaneously resolved itself within at least 3 to 4 weeks, so I didn't really worry. Now I wish I was more diligent with his care but hindsight is always 20/20. After about 4 weeks, he continued to complain and then reported seeing blood, so I decided to try and take away gluten along with dairy and only have fruits and vegetables. However, this was a mistake on my part because people with UC and having a flare up cannot digest fresh ingredients, it does more harm than good. By August, I finally took him to the doctor at which time my son who is 6'2" only weighed 164 pounds. Our PCP sent us to a G.I. specialist; they ran multiple tests and finally came to the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis in October 2018. I was devastated. I am a nurse with a background in G.I. diseases and helped many patients with this disease try and have a normal life. I also didn't want Michael to depend on medications for the rest of his life and having to deal with all of the side effects of these medications that can develop overtime. I wanted another way of treatment for my son that didn't end in medication and the future surgeries.

In the end of October of 2018, that's when our miracle became possible. Dr. Jennings came to speak to our homeschool co-op about the benefits of alternative medicine. I knew she would be the one who could help Michael be healthy again and not have to worry about living life without a bathroom around. She spent many hours teaching us and guiding us in his journey to complete health. The care and knowledge imparted on us will last a lifetime. I am overwhelmed with appreciation of how much time and attention she gives to her patients.

I am ecstatic to announce that Michael gained 30lbs within the first couple of months of care and grew another inch. He is at his proper weight for height ratio and has been able to maintain it; his GI system is normal with maintaining proper nutrition. On a side note but an added bonus: Michael is so in tuned to his body’s needs that when he starts eating something he shouldn't, he knows right away because of the way it makes him feel and stops - resulting in no further complications that could arise with Ulcerative Colitis. Michael knows now that food can heal but can also harm if the wrong food is eaten. I feel that everyone, no matter your condition, will benefit from the treatment Dr. Jennings provides.


Lori Mumme

I’m not sure WHERE to begin when I speak of all the wonderful things going on with Crossroads Health and Wellness and Dr. Jennings! First and foremost though is Dr. Jennings deep faith and trust in our amazing creator God - which is so evident as she teaches and cares for her patients. She gives credit to God, teaches about health and nutrition in such a way that has prompted my faith to deepen, and shares her personal journey and testimony in a natural way that conveys a “real persons” walk, not just someone high and mighty. And speaking of REAL, I so appreciate that she is a mom, who understands real life hurdles as we teach and guide our kids, and can relate well with patients! Dr. Jennings is an amazing tool being used by God - teaching, encouraging, guiding, healing - not just for the elite that can easily afford natural healthcare, but for everyday people looking to be our best! I would HIGHLY recommend Crossroads Health and Wellness for their expertise and care!


My daughter and I went to her lecture at the Plainfield library tonight!! Powerful speaker with such great information and passion! I wish everyone could hear this! Together we are making a difference!!

Wendy V.

Our health journey has been a long one, however, since meeting Dr. Jill, we have learned SO much about the truth behind good nutrition and overall good lifestyle choices.

First my wife went to see Dr. Jill to determine if there was anything that could be done to resolve, or at a minimum, alleviate some of the symptoms she was having from her movement disorder. Dr. Jill was extremely thorough. She took the time to get to know us as humans first and took great care with understanding the nature of my wife's ailments. On our second appointment she made clinical recommendations about how to best proceed given my wife's current health conditions.

During this same time period, I was diagnosed with cancer. I saw Dr. Jill in a similar capacity to take inventory of what could be done for my type of cancer and proceeded to take her recommendations for overall wellness and lifestyle health.

What I can say most about Dr. Jill is that she is extraordinary in not only the care she provides, based on her inventory of our own unique situation, but her compassion and Christian demeanor far exceeds the bedside manner of any practitioner I have ever worked with. Dr. Jill exudes trust, warmth, competency and more than anything Dr. Jill herself leads by example by living the lifestyle that she encourages others to live.

My wife and myself are grateful that Dr. Jill came into our lives and without question, without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Jill to anyone seeking health and wellness, healing and hope as a foundation of their life.